Home is where the heart is

29 Jan

University – the most fun, carefree years of your life, right?

Not when you’re trying to find somewhere to live!

Having lived in halls for the second year, I was all up for finding a perfect little house to live in for my 3rd year. I love living in halls, apart from the occasional rant about noise, and it’s so convenient for getting to lectures etc, but I really wanted to have my first ever house.

So, we started looking, and soon realised that we had to lower our standards, and be a little more open minded and imaginative in our search [apparently student landlords don’t see the need to actually clean their houses before showing them to people, and we had to see past that!] We got excited before every viewing, only to come away disappointed -even when we thought we’d found ‘the one’, we were’t able to decide on who should get the smallest room. That was the end of that one.

More viewings were made, only to be cancelled, some as late as just a few hours before we were due to go. I think it’s disgraceful how these landlords treat students, we’ve been messed around more times than I can count, and they seem to think that they can con us into signing deals for a house which they themselves know is just not worth it.

Even the many private halls around Preston just didn’t suit us, and now it’s a choice between re-signing with our current halls, or waiting for the University registered list of houses are released this week. As much as I wanted to live in a house, and have that experience, I think that staying put is the best option. There are so many arguments in the house vs halls debate, but being able to have my heater on 24/7 and not worry about the cost of the bills will outweigh any in support of houses!

Sometimes, you just have to recognise the signs that something isn’t going to work.

Now, can I go back to being carefree and having no responsibilities? Ta.


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