tick tock …

12 Feb

The resolution to update this regularly isn’t going so well, is it? Truth is, as soon as I feel an obligation to do something, I immediately lose interest. But I’ll try harder, I promise.

Anyway, a little update for you – after all that stressing and just when we had given up, we found the most perfect house, and it was completely by chance. It’s absolutely perfect, and we’re all incredibly excited to move in and put our stamp on it. I think that even when we made the decision to stay in halls, I knew at the back of my mind that I’d much prefer to live in a house. Yes, it is more responsibility, but at the same time, I’m 20 years old, it’s about time I learnt how to set bills up etc, ready for when I leave the sheltered world of University!

Talking of which, the thought of finishing university scares the life out of me. I feel like my life is flashing before my eyes, we’re almost half way through February already. If I’m stressing now, imagine how I will feel this time next year. Doesn’t bear thinking about. I don’t know what I want to do when I’ve graduated. So many people on my course have set ideas and specific aspirations about what they want to do, and I admire that, but I’m quite happy doing whatever comes my way. Now, that might seem quite sensible, keeping my options open, but it also complicates everything, because time is ticking, and I can’t just drift along and wait for someone to tell me what I want to do. I do have a few ideas though, so maybe if I focus on narrowing them down, it’ll be alright. But still, it’s a well known fact that it’s a tough market out there for graduate jobs, which makes me wonder if this degree will be wasted. Gosh, how did life get so complicated, so quickly?!

I don’t know why I’m looking ahead to graduation, when I have numerous deadlines to meet to pass this year! I’m going to try and be more organised with this set of assignments though, maybe if I take more time to plan my time out, I won’t end up having a nervous breakdown!

Ha, right on cue, the people who live above us have started playing their music VERY loud for the second time this week. It only confirms that we made the right decision to move away from halls!

Wow, almost 500 words on one blog post. That’s a third of the word count for my Law assignment, if only I could be so productive with that eh. Maybe my tutors should consider setting blog posts as assignments, especially as we are on a Journalism course. Anyway, I’m waffling, sorry if this bores you, I’m doing my usual trick of thinking out-loud (well, online.) I’ll try and do a more interesting post next time!


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