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Today this could be, the greatest day of our lives …

14 Jun


Back in October, on one wintery day, there was a scrabble for credit cards, as thousands of women (and, let’s not be sexist, men) tried their luck for the golden ticket – i.e. a ticket to Take That’s Progress tour, and eternal happiness.

I was one of those women, who awoke at half past eight, opening several different ticket retail websites, ready and waiting to secure those beauties to be released at 9am. But, as people all over Facebook and Twitter celebrated getting their hands on some of the most sought after tickets of the year, I struggled on … and it was only after a TEN HOUR battle with various ticket sites, that I finally managed to join the thousands of people nationwide, who were part of history. Yes, it was a historical moment, the boys (men) sold out each and every one of their dates, with each additional date being added, selling out all over again – it was the day Take That took over the world. (Sort of)

What followed, was eight months of gradually building excitement, constant listening to the band’s many albums, and dedicated lyric rehearsal, just to make sure that I could be word perfect for my big day. And finally, the day came. Saturday 11th June. I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t have a clue what to wear, how to do my hair, or how much make up I should wear – I wanted to make a good impression on the boys. (Men) After much deliberation, an outfit and image was decided upon, and I was ready, armed with our tickets (I was sharing my big day with my Mother, who was equally excited.)

I’ll fast-forward through the boring car journey, and get straight to the main event.

Now, my heart sank when the Pet Shop Boys were announced as support for the tour, especially as there had been rumours of Cheryl Cole, and I saw them mostly as the one obstacle standing between me seeing the main spectacle, but, as they strolled on stage, one wearing a VERY fetching shiny jacket, I realised that I should just embrace the entertainment, and found myself ENJOYING them! Fancy that, eh!

It was only as they said thank you and left with one final song, that I realised – the moment I had been waiting for for all these months, building up to, getting excited for, was here. The timer counted down on the big screen, 3, 2, 1 … and there they were, standing right before my eyes, sharing the same air as me! Gary, Mark, Jason and Howard, finally there, ready to start what was to become one of the most incredible evenings of my life so far. Kicking off with Greatest Day, and some other recent hits, I was prepared to sing my heart out, whilst taking as many pictures as I possibly could with one hand, and waving like a maniac with the other.

Anthem after anthem were performed, to only the highest standard that you would expect from one of the country’s biggest boy (man) bands, and as much as I was enjoying it, I couldn’t help but think there was something missing. Before I had chance to work out what it could be, the answer was provided, in the form of a free-falling Robbie Williams, who launched from the top of the stage, before making the crowd go wild with as we let him entertain us (see what I did there?) Thanks to my inability to avoid spoilers, I already knew that Rob had his own section of the show, and which songs he would be performing, but this didn’t stop me being amazed at just how much of a showman he is, and how brilliant his performance was – it’s just disappointing that he probably won’t ever do a solo tour again.

Oh, and to the woman in front of me, who booed him and shouted for Take That, get a grip, Robbie’s back now, accept it.

Anyway, it wasn’t long before all five of the original Take That were reunited on the stage, to the excitement of the thousands of us packed into the City of Manchester stadium, and they performed a selection of tracks from their new album, Progress, as well as an incredible medley of songs from ‘the old days’ – but not Could it be magic, since Robbie declared a passionate hatred for it! You learn something new every day, eh?

Anyone who has seen the Circus tour will realise what a task the band faced, trying to out-do the giant mechanic elephant which walked out into the crowd, but they managed it, in the form of the operational man – which began crouched on the stage, but made its way out into the crowd, manoeuvring itself into standing for the finale. To be honest, it’s quite difficult to describe the scale of it and how incredible it looked, so have a gander at the picture below.

So that was that. They said their thank you’s, declared us the best date of the tour so far (and, let’s face it, it’ll probably stay that way, since the Manchester dates were their homecoming), performed the outstanding Never Forget, and they were gone. But, fortunately for those at the gig on the 11th, never to be forgotten, since the tour DVD was filmed that night, so we have a permanent reminder of the greatest day of our lives! Other than the 432 photographs I took. Obviously.

Whilst I wait for the DVD to be released, I’ll just have to make do with a daily browse of my photos, whilst I wear my Take That hoody, and sip tea from my Take That mug.

Obsessed, you say? Never 😉

Told you, it's pretty magnificent!