Harris Museum

3 Dec


Cigarette Picture for map

24 Nov

Student reaction to the NUS protest against higher tuition fees

21 Nov

Francesca Franks, a student at UCLan, gives her reaction to the way the National Union of Students’ march in London earlier this month, has reflected on students.


16 Nov

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘a picture tells a thousand words’, the images below represent the University of Central Lancashire, without supporting text to explain their significance or meaning. I took a picture of just one of the many signs which are situated across the campus. I then cropped and resized my original image into three dimensions to meet the specification, using Adobe Photoshop Elements. They are all in the most common picture format – jpeg.

This picture is my original image:
Next, I cropped the image to a size of 100 x 100 pixel thumbnail, a useful size for web publication:

The image below has dimensions of 200 pixels wide by 500 pixels high:

This is the final edit of my original image, resized and cropped to a width of 400 pixels and a height of 300 pixels:

The rise of the silver surfer – how it’s not just youngsters using social networking websites

15 Nov

Social networking websites are among the most popular sites to visit on the internet at the moment, but a recent OFCOM survey found that it isn’t just teenagers using them. The likes of Twitter and Facebook are becoming increasingly popular, but it’s widely assumed that young people are behind this. However, the survey would suggest otherwise. It was found that 12.9% of 45-54 year olds and a surprising 4.1% of over 55s have a social networking site, signifying a change in the way that the internet is used. [See the chart below for more percentages.] The figures are set to rise too. Another OFCOM survey found a nine per cent increase in the number of adults using social networking sites, and more figures suggest that half of British Facebook users spend almost six hours a month on the site. This is an increase on the results from May 2008, which found an average of four hours was spent on Facebook. So, the ‘silver surfers’ are clearly on the rise, as an ever increasing number of people use the internet in new and more varied ways, embracing the latest technologies and services in ways that would never have been expected.

Are you a silver surfer? Visit http://digitalunite.com/ to see how they can help support you on the web.
The BBC covered a similar story about ‘getting older people online’ in May of this year, see their article here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10126880

Link to Dataset: http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2009/aug/06/ofcom-socialnetworking
Spreadsheet link to raw data: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=tBCfK-nl1QFNp3Cf7Q-cqrA#gid=0

Lancashire Police Information Point

14 Nov

Video skills test exercise

25 Oct

Thomas Cowell, a student at the University of Central Lancashire, gives his views about the proposal to remove the cap from tuition fees, and talks about the values of having a degree when finding a job after University.